In 2022 These are the richest families in the world

In 2022 These are the richest families in the world

Whether food, oil or fashion - family businesses dominate many sectors. Their fortunes are worth billions.

Düsseldorf Groups that are successful worldwide are still family-owned decades after they were founded. Private disputes , takeovers and even world wars mark their history. But the success was passed on from generation to generation and with it the fortune.

Together, the ten richest families in the world have assets of more than one trillion US dollars, as the financial service Bloomberg calculated at the end of 2021. These are the ten richest families in the world.

10th place – Von Baumbach, Boehringer, medicines

Albert Boehringer began manufacturing medicines in Ingelheim in 1885. In 2019, the annual turnover was 18.997 billion euros. This makes Boehringer Ingelheim the second largest German pharmaceutical company today. The group is now managed by the fourth generation and is constantly evolving so as not to lose touch with the international community. Production is spread over four locations. The Boehringer and von Baumbach families have a combined fortune of  $59.2 billion , making them the ninth richest family in the world.

9th place – Thomson, Thomson Reuters

The Thomson family owns two thirds of the media group Thomson Reuters through their investment company The Woodbridge Company. In 2020, the group achieved sales of six billion US dollars.

8th place – Johnson, Fidelity Investments

Founded in Boston in 1946, the financial service provider Fidelity has grown into one of the largest fund providers in the USA. Since the introduction of ETFs, however, the family business has come under increasing pressure. With assets under management of $3.3 trillion, it is one of the largest mutual fund companies in the world. It is managed in the third generation by Abigail Johnson, granddaughter of founder Edward Johnson. The family fortune is estimated at $61.2 billion .

7th place – Wertheimer, Chanel

The brothers Alain and Gerard Wertheimer are reaping what their grandfather and the designer Coco Chanel sowed in the early 1920s: with Chanel , they own the legendary luxury fashion brand that produces classics such as the “little black dress” or the perfume Chanel No. 5 has spawned. Nearly $10 billion in annual sales, racehorses and vineyards result in a family fortune of around $ 61.8 billion .

6th place – Ambani, Oil

In 1957, Dhirubhai Ambani founded the forerunner of today's oil giant Reliance Industries. When he died without a will in 2002, his widow arranged the administration of the estate between the two sons. From now on, Mukesh Ambani watches over a global oil empire from Mumbai. Thanks to the family fortune of around 93.7 billion US dollars , he lives in a villa that is considered the most expensive private residence in the world.

5th place – Al Saud, Oil

The ruling family of Saudi Arabia is one of the ten richest families in the world. The $100 billion wealth estimate is based on cumulative disbursements received by royal family members over the past 50 years from the Royal Diwan, the king's executive office. Overall, the wealth of the 15,000 family members is likely to be even higher.

4th place – Hermes, fashion and luxury

Jean-Louis Dumas, who died in 2010, is credited with turning Hermès into a global giant. Thanks to the turnover of the luxury fashion label, the Hermes family can now call a fortune of 111.6 billion US dollars their own.

3rd place – Koch, Koch Industries

In 1967 the brothers Frederick, Charles, David and William inherited their father Fred, who founded an oil refinery in Kansas in 1925 together with a classmate. After upheavals, several members left the family business in 1980. Brothers Charles and David, who died in 2019, reformed the corporate culture at the time and created Koch Industries , a plastics, oil and gas, chemicals and fertilizer diversified company. Annual sales in 2019 were $110 billion. With a combined fortune of $124.4 billion , the family made it onto the podium. For decades, the two Koch brothers were among the greatest supporters of conservative movements in the USA .

2nd place - Mars, candy maker

Founder Frank Mars learned the craft of patisserie when he was a child. In 1911 he founded the company Mars, which is known today for chocolate bars, "M&Ms" and "Milky Way". But the group, which employs 115,000 people worldwide, also produces “Wrigley's Extra” chewing gum and “Whiskas” cat food.

According to Forbes, the company, which is completely family-owned, generates 37 billion dollars a year. A fortune of $141.9 billion makes Frank Mars' descendants the second richest family in the world.

1st place – Walton, Walmart chain store

As the owners of the world's largest retail chain , Walmart , the Waltons can call themselves the richest family in the world. The balance of the family business is 510 billion dollars in sales in around 12,000 branches worldwide. Net worth is $238.2 billion . The distance to the second richest family, Mars, is very clear.

The richest families in the world 2021 in the table






$238.2 billion



$141.9 billion


a cook

$124.4 billion

4 .


$111.6 billion


Al Saud

$100 billion



$93.7 billion



$61.8 billion



$61.2 billion



$61.1 billion


Boehringer, Von Baumbach

$59.2 billion


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