Know About Hulk – Mark Ruffalo

Know About Hulk – Mark Ruffalo

By now, most people know Mark Ruffalo as Hulk from the Avengers movies. Ruffalo can look back on a diverse filmography and also likes to raise his voice as a political activist


  • FIRST NAME        Mark Alan
  • SURNAME            Ruffalo
  • BORN                    November 22, 1967, Kenosha, Wisconsin / USA
  • STAR SIGN           Scorpio
  • YEARS                  55
  • SIZE                      1.73 m
  • PARTNER              Sunrise Coigney (married since 2000)
  • CHILDREN             Keen (*2001) Bella (*2005) Odette (*2007)

Not everyone knows that

  1. Mark Ruffalo was a very good friend of Heath Ledger. When he saw the numerous paparazzi attending the funeral service, he called out to them: "Have a heart and get out!"
  2. Mark Ruffalo is said to have attacked a paparazzi at the funeral of Sean Penn's brother Chris in February 2006 and stole his digital camera's memory card. The photographer then filed a complaint.
  3. Mark Ruffallo lost a few pounds to play the superhero Hulk in The Avengers. "They want me to be hot-blooded and not fat and flabby. Now I need to build muscle and eat right."
  4. The clock has decided - when Mark Ruffalo was offered the role of Perry Smith in the movie 'Infamous' he turned it down due to lack of time. Instead, he suggested fellow actor Daniel Craig as the ideal cast, who actually landed the role.
  5. Mark Ruffalo openly professes his political views: In an anti-Bush campaign by the organization "The World can't wait - Drive out the Bush regime!" in October 2006 he read a letter from his friend Sean Penn, who was also very politically active, and called for the president to be removed from office.
  6. Mark Ruffalo is known for his variety of roles. One character has so far been denied him: the cowboy. It is his biggest wish to play in a western.
  7. His three siblings, Scott, Tania and Nicole, have all become hairdressers - just like their mother. Only Mark Ruffalo was not drawn to the salon, but to the stage.
  8. According to his own statements, Mark Ruffalo is a real water rat. In the summer he is passionate about surfing when he finds the time. In winter, snowboards have to hold their own.
  9. A heavy weight fell on Mark's shoulders when his brother Scott was shot. The hairdresser was found with a gunshot wound in his apartment on December 4, 2008 and succumbed to the injuries a week later. Initially, the police assumed a deadly game of Russian roulette, but the coroner found out: It was murder.
  10. Spoiler alert: Because Mark Ruffalo almost gave away the end in the course of the release of "Avengers: Infinity War", the creators of the next part, "Avengers: Endgame", drew consequences and presented the chatterbox with the wrong script. "I was given a script, but it was just a dummy," Ruffalo said. "There were scenes in it that I thought we were going to shoot, but we never shot them."

Biography of Mark Ruffalo

Biography of Mark Ruffalo

Mark Ruffalo is a phenomenon. "Mark who?" Many will surely ask themselves now. Well, Mark Ruffalo - the handsome guy with the brown curly hair and the charming smile who made the hearts of Jennifer Garner in "30 Overnight" and Gwyneth Paltrow in "Flight Girls" beat faster. "Ah, the Mark Ruffalo" - that's exactly why he's a phenomenon. Because the actor has already taken part in so many important Hollywood productions that half the world actually knows him. Just not recognised.

Mark's incredible versatility

It's probably because of his versatility. He can hunt contract killers ("Collateral", 2004) and serial killers ("Zodiac", 2007), fight for his fatherland as a private ("Windtalkers", 2002) or as a computer-mad technician ("Forget Me Not", 2003) lovesickness from brains Clear. However, the roles of lover, best friend or husband, which he has already played in numerous films, suit him best. In 2001 he charmed Meg Ryan in the thriller "In the Cut", in 2002 he starred in the drama "We Don't Live Here Anymore" for Naomi Watts and in 2004 he faced the terminally ill Sarah Polley in the drama "My Life Without Me". to the side. A man for all occasions, and for all kinds of roles.

Family time instead of wild Hollywood parties

In June 2000 he married actress Sunrise Coigney, with whom he has three children (Keen, Bella and Odette). Family man Mark loves to snuggle up in bed with his kids and forget about time. And so it can happen that he oversleeps one or the other important appointment.

That's what happened at the "Screen Actors Guild Awards" in 2015. He was actually supposed to receive an award for his role in the film "The Normal Heart", but he didn't show up at the awards ceremony. Instead, he apologetically tweeted, "Wake up to find out from my wife and kids that I've won a SAG award for The Normal Heart. Love wins tonight!"

The career of Mark Ruffalo

But Mark Ruffalo's life was not always so tranquil and idyllic: After studying at the famous acting school "Stella Adler Conversatory", he was initially drawn to the theater stage. Between 1990 and 1999 he played over 30 roles and even wrote a few plays himself. His salary is not enough at all, so that he has to work as a waiter on the side.
It was nine years before he made his breakthrough: Kenneth Lonergan made his directorial debut with "You Can't Count on Me" and Mark Ruffalo excelled in his role as the good-for-nothing brother of leading actress Laura Linney .

Just one year later, the actor is again put to the test: Doctors diagnose him with a brain tumor. Although the operation was successful, one side of his face remained paralyzed for months. Mark Ruffalo has to retire completely from acting for a good year. He loses all offers for roles, including a leading role in the film Signs, which went to Joaquin Phoenix .

Mark Ruffalo becomes Hulk

After this difficult time, however, Mark's career quickly picked up again. He starred in 'The City of the Blind' in 2008 and starred opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in 2010 in the Scorsese masterpiece 'Shutter Island'. Since he landed in 2012 for the role of former scientist Bruce Banner , who transforms into the Green Hulk when he has a raised heart rate, his recognition has soared. After all, since then he has starred in numerous Marvel films that have a growing fan base.

But despite the cinema successes: old love does not rust. From time to time Mark is still drawn back to his passion - the theater stage. The only difference is that he no longer has to work as a waiter on the side.

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