He is to take over most of Prince Andrew's compensation payment

He is to take over most of Prince Andrew's compensation payment

Prince Charles will reportedly pay for Prince Andrew's settlement payment to Virginia Roberts Giuffre. The British heir to the throne should even have to take out a loan for this.

Prince Charles , 73, is said to be paying much of the out-of-court settlement between Prince Andrew , 62, and Virginia Roberts Giuffre , 38. The deal saved the fallen royal from having to testify in court in the abuse trial. This is reported by the British newspaper "The Sun".

Prince Charles is said to be paying for Andrew's deal

Andrew has 10 days to pay Giuffre, who is suing him for sexual abuse, according to The Sun. The compensation payment should be between 7 and 12 million pounds (equivalent to around 8.4 to 14.5 million euros). However, Andrew is currently unable to do this.

In order to be able to raise the sum for his younger brother, Charles is said to even take out a loan. The reason? According to "The Sun", family honor should be preserved. The British taxpayer should not have to pay any of this. Queen Elizabeth , 95, is also paying part of the compensation out of her own pocket. The Queen is said to be donating £ 2m to Roberts Giuffre's charity fund .

Prince Andrew faces loss of Queen's inheritance

Prince Andrew is said to want to repay the money he has borrowed to his mother and brother once the sale of his chalet in Switzerland has been completed. According to The Sun, this should take up to two months.

According to the British tabloid, should Andrew not be able to raise the sum, he is said to be at risk of losing money from the inheritance of Queen Elizabeth, who is said to have paid his court costs.

As with the removal of all military titles , Charles is said to have been the driving force behind the out-of-court settlement between Andrew and Roberts Giuffre. Andrew wanted to avoid a court hearing before agreeing to testify. But Charles is said to have prevented a similar fiasco as in Andrew's 2019 interview, where the disgraced royal had talked about his head and neck .

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