Fortanet Gómez | Spanish linguist | Researcher | Professor | Google Scholar‬

Fortanet Gómez | Spanish linguist | Researcher | Professor | Google Scholar‬

Who is Fortanet Gómez

Inmaculada Fortanet-Gómez is a Spanish linguist, researcher, and professor. She is currently a full professor of Spanish Linguistics at the University of Jaén in Spain. She received her Ph.D. in Spanish Philology from the University of Granada, where she also taught for several years before joining the faculty at the University of Jaén.

Her research focuses on different areas of Spanish Linguistics, such as phonetics, phonology, and the analysis of the Spanish language spoken in different regions of the world. She is particularly interested in the study of the Spanish dialects of Andalusia, and has published several articles and books on this topic. She also has a great interest in the study of the history of the Spanish language, and has worked on analyzing the evolution of the Spanish phonetics and phonology throughout history.

Fortanet Gómez | Spanish linguist | Researcher | Professor | Google Scholar‬

In addition to her research, Professor Fortanet-Gómez is also actively involved in the academic community. She is a member of several academic societies, such as the Royal Spanish Academy and the Association of Spanish Language Academies. She has also served as a reviewer for several academic journals and as an external evaluator for research projects and doctoral dissertations.

Inmaculada Fortanet-Gómez is a highly respected linguist and a leading expert in the field of Spanish Linguistics. Her research has contributed to the advancement of the field and has provided valuable insights into the study of the Spanish language and its dialects. She continues to be active in her field and is a valuable asset to the academic community.

Fortanet-Gómez Books

  • Fortanet-Gómez, I., Ch. Räisänen (eds) (2008) ESP in Higher European Education: Integrating Language and Content. AILA Series. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.
  • Ruiz, M.; J.C. Palmer, I. Fortanet (eds.) (2010) English for Professional and Academic Purposes. Amsterdam: Rodopi
  • Fortanet-Gómez, I. (2013) CLIL in Higher Education: Towards a Multilingual Language Policy. Bristol: Multilingual Matters
  • Crawford Camiciottoli, B. & I. Fortanet-Gómez (eds.) (2015) Multimodal Analysis inAcademic Settings. From Research to Teaching. Serie: Routledge Series on Multimodality. London: Routledge


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